Monday, November 3, 2014

Team Roshe

Nothing beats the comfort of lazy dressing. Basics never gets old right? Sometimes, this is a woman's escape to killer heels and not-so-comfy corsets and cropped tops. You can always take a day off to styling and just go with something laid back. Oh don't get me started with my kicks, they're like the most comfortable pair ever. I would like to have like a gazillion pairs of these! Kidding aside, it's really comfy to walk in and it's just perfect for lazy dressing. What do you think?

Gap V-neck shirt | Forever 21 Necklace and Denim Jeans | Nike Hyperfuse Roshe Run
*All photos taken by an iPhone 5

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pastel Dreams

Summer officially ended months ago and there’s a new season in town, the rainy days. Let’s just pretend that it’s kinda like our own version of A/W season. Lol! It’s been raining the past few days and combine ber-months to it, it gets pretty chilly outside (well, not that super cold, the chill’s totally tolerable tho).  I think what I love about this weather is that you can now pull off your coats from your closet and layer our hearts out. I wore this preppy pastel outfit the other day to somehow brighten up the mood from the gloomy weather.

I don’t know why but I just love the idea of the bed weather. If only I could just lie down all day, I would. Lol. Can you just imagine all the things you can do in your bed with a weather like this? Here’s my list:
  1. Movie Marathon – Bring out your chic flicks, and romance comedies. It’s going to be super fun.
  2. Finish a novel – I’m no fan of reading but I think I can squeeze in some ebooks lol!
  3. Coffee – Just chill; listen to acoustic pop or indie songs while sipping your cup of hot coffee.
  4. Sleep – it’s cold and the mood’s perfect for some beauty nap
  5. Pig out – Nothing beats a lazy day than to eat your heart out. I mean, you can always burn all the calories some other day right?

Folded and Hung Blazer, Fashion Market Skirt, Forever 21 Top and Bag, SM Parisian Sandals

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Birthday Girl!

I celebrated my 21st birthday last July 30 and boy, it sure was a blast. I didn't threw the grandest birthday party but I still enjoyed my day celebrating it with family, mi loves and a few friends with just an intimate get together. Perhaps, I am really aging and not wanting those loud dance parties or whatsoever huh? Lol! Anyway, I just want to thank everyone who greeted me through facebook, twitter and instagram. You just don't know how happy and how special I feel reading all those "Happy Birthday" posts in my profile wall. (Yep, I'm that shallow. Haha) Thank you, I am just super grateful having a wonderful family, a very supportive and sweet boyfriend (Hi Baby!), and awesome friends. Thank you, thank you and I will be forever grateful! Cheers to my 21 years in life and many more birthdays for me to come!

*low quality photo. Credits to Khon for taking the photo.