Monday, August 11, 2014

Birthday Girl!

I celebrated my 21st birthday last July 30 and boy, it sure was a blast. I didn't threw the grandest birthday party but I still enjoyed my day celebrating it with family, mi loves and a few friends with just an intimate get together. Perhaps, I am really aging and not wanting those loud dance parties or whatsoever huh? Lol! Anyway, I just want to thank everyone who greeted me through facebook, twitter and instagram. You just don't know how happy and how special I feel reading all those "Happy Birthday" posts in my profile wall. (Yep, I'm that shallow. Haha) Thank you, I am just super grateful having a wonderful family, a very supportive and sweet boyfriend (Hi Baby!), and awesome friends. Thank you, thank you and I will be forever grateful! Cheers to my 21 years in life and many more birthdays for me to come!

*low quality photo. Credits to Khon for taking the photo.

Tim Ho Wan Philippines


Hong Kong's Tim Ho Wan opened its first ever store here in the Philippines located in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City last May 20, 2014. Lawrence, my boyfriend, and I had the opportunity to try it last June 22 which makes this post a backlog. Delayed but it's better late than never. Lol! Before you could go in, you have to wait in a long line, approximately about 20-30 minutes waiting but the line is fast moving. I believe that it's strictly no reservations accepted, so everyone's expected to line.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

July is almost over and you know what that means? My birthday is so soon already. I love birthdays, it makes one feel super extra special even without a grand celebration at all. For me, it's not about parties or whatever, what's important is the greetings you get from friends and loved ones, the blessings you received and to the fact that God gave you another awesome year to enjoy. Also thank facebook, for reminding our friends about our birthdays! Lol!

Here's the list of things I want for my birthday. Hi family, hello friends! I've been pretty good, so yeah. Haha!

1. Tote Sling Bag - I'm a sucker for big bags with sling, I can just put anything and everything in it. The sling makes it more convenient and comfortable to bring too.
2. Money - Money period. I mean, who doesn't want money?
3. Black Mary Jane Suede Platforms - I already have a nude leather patent pair but I envy Verniece Enciso whenever I see her wearing these. Mary Janes are just so good looking on the feet. 
4. iPhone 5s - My phone's old and is going to die soon. I don't want this, I need a new phone. Hahaha
5. Black Faux Leather Gold Toe Cap Pumps - They're just so classy and you can just pair it with everything.
6. Canon Ixus Digicam - This camera has 16.1 MP more than my Nikon D3100 slr. Plus, this cam is very convenient to carry around unlike a big slr which is super hassle to bring.
7. Plane tickets - I think I need a vacation already! Local or international perhaps? Hehe
8. Makeup - Do I need to say more? I'm a girl and I love makeup!
9. Team Red / Black Floral Roshe Runs - Can I have at least just one pair?
10. Brown Satchel - I always wanted one of these.

Thanks in advance!! Hahaha

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meet the Blogger: Vern Enciso

Fresh graduate, Vern Enciso of VV, has all the time she has to share her love for fashion and all things in between. Looks like time management is not a problem to this 21 year old pretty, sophisticated, and classy Filipino top Fashion Blogger. Lots of simple yet casually elegant combinations - jeans, flats, and her designer bags are her favorite pieces from her closet but you'll be surprised on how she can pull of such a statement combination.

Now that she has all the free time in her hands, travelling, some modeling gigs and keeping us inspired are what keeps her busy lately. Vern will still continue to conquer our hearts with her unforgettable, chic, and bold fashion statements.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

5 things I learned from Fashion Bloggers


I don’t have much photos to post here yet, so here’s one from my chictopia account (photo taken a year ago). It was one lazy afternoon at work, so I’ve decided to go back to my previous posts.

I’ve been a fashion fangirl ever since my mom introduced me to reading fashion blogs. Yup, my mom reads fashion blogs and she was a food blogger too. Lol. Since then, I am very much hooked up with fashion blogger’s urls. It’s kinda my way to relieve stress and to kill time.

Here are 5 things I learned from different bloggers:
  1. It is okay to repeat clothes - THIS! Bloggers also repeat clothes and there’s seriously nothing wrong with it. You just have to mix match them in different combinations and style, just let your creativity flow.
  2. Comfort before style - Camille Co said in her blog post that when she travels, she always put comfort first before style. I’m a commuter and this tip is very relevant to me. You should ALWAYS be comfortable in what your wear.
  3. Confidence is the new sexy - How will you carry your style if you’re to shy to flaunt it? Just be confident, keep your chin up and embrace greatness,
  4. Style is unpredictable - Bloggers experiment too. I noticed that they always try something different. I also believe in this philosophy, a person can never stick to one genre of styling. Fashion is broad so you have to try different styles too.
  5. Fashion tips really help - Absorb the good reads in the fashion blog posts. Sometimes even the simplest details help - like how to wear this to that and such. Bloggers give amazing fashion tips and they serve as fashion inspirations as well.
Did you learn significant things from bloggers too? What are they? :-)

Photo by: Hannah Bagain

Milk & Co Plaid Polo / Esprit Tank Top / DIY Shorts / Converse Sneakers